Sonntag, 10. Oktober 2010

My dream house

My dream house is a place for living and dreaming. Where I put my dreams into practice, where I withdraw myself, my body, where I can relax, where I am able to forget unimportant, stressing things, where I can think about things you´ve never thought before, where I can paint when I feel like painting, where I can write, cry, jump, run when I feel like doing so, where I can cook when I am hungry. Where I can go rowing in my little boat without leaving because my house is nature too. It joins two banks but it doesn´t really touch the soil. It hangs in the air like a little air-ship.The water, the soil, the air – nature is my house. I would like to sing with the wind when it strokes me and makes my house. Tremble. I would like to feel the rain. I would like to warm up in the sun. I would like to sit in my house and watch the moon and the stars. But I don´t want to live alone at the time. I would be happy if people just cross my bridge. They would enliven the house by walking in.The people visiting me should enjoy themselves. I would like to provide them with the possibility to feel happy in the adventure of my house. And when they want to stay overnight, they would choose their own sleeping place – my house should offer them the place they like.

Anna Wickenhauser, architect